Frequently Asked Questions

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Call our office at (530) 710 - 8006. Our office hours are Monday through Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM. Alternatively, you can submit an online request, and one of our friendly staff will get back to you during normal business hours.


An Internet Service Provider (ISP) is a company, such as NetsUSA Communications, that provides Internet access to your home or business.

Wireless Internet is a specific way of bringing high-speed Internet to your home or business. We install a small radio antenna onto the eave of your home that points to one of our local access points. This device captures an encrypted radio frequency, which is then sent to your router using an Ethernet cable.

Generally, high speed Internet is 1 Megabit per second (Mbps) or more download speed. For comparison, dial-up is 56Kbps or Kilobits per second and is unusable for most usage. Our plans start and 1.5 Mbps and you can view more speeds here.

The speed of service you will want depends on what you like to use the Internet for, as well as how many devices you intend to have accessing the Internet.

Our standard service account is perfect for checking emails, using online services such as banking, and other day-to-day activities. However, we recommend our 3 or 6 Mbps accounts if you like to watch online videos (such as Netflix and Hulu).

If you like to play online games, stream your own content, or you use VoIP, you should choose a standard plus account for improved latency and upload speeds.

Business accounts have the best bandwidth speeds and latency, although they are usually recommended for commercial use and are not available in all areas. However, any customer is free to choose any package they need, with custom packages available upon request.

Switching to a different speed is very easy with us! All it takes is one quick phone call and we can make this change right from our office, so there’s no need to have a technician come out! Billing will be adjusted on the day of the speed adjustment, and your regular billing will continue on the first of the next month.

You need to provide your own wireless router. Please note that router set up is not included in our installation, but the technician can provide this service to you separately for a fee. Please see our Installation FAQ page for more details.

No. We do not store any wireless keys, passwords, or IDs. Usually, new routers come with a pre-printed card which has your router name and password printed on it, usually underneath the router. To reset your router to the pre-printed settings, look for the reset button on your router or consult the manufacturer’s instructions for your device. Follow the instructions that came with your router or call the manufacturer directly for further assistance.

If you press the reset button on your router, it basically wipes the router clean and resets it back to how it was out of the box. Any devices you have connected to it wirelessly will need to be connected again. Follow the instructions that came with your router or call the router manufacturer directly for assistance. For a fee, NetsUSA can send a technician out to set your devices back up.


First, contact us to see if your home or business is in our service area. Our staff will locate you on our mapping system and run some calculations to determine if there is a possible line-of-sight between your location and our towers. If it appears that we have a line-of-sight to our local tower, we will schedule an appointment for our Installation Technician to come to your location to verify the signal quality. Once signal is verified, we will then install the necessary equipment to bring Internet to your location. At the time of installation, our Technician will install a small radio antenna to the eave of your home and run an Ethernet cable to plug into your computer or router.

At the time of installation, the Technician can accept the following types of payment methods:

  • Cash (Technician carries no change, any over-payment will be applied as a credit on your account)
  • Personal or Business Check (A $25 Returned Check Fee applies on all returned checks)
  • Credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, Discover

A receipt will be provided to you at the time of installation, and an itemized receipt will be emailed to you after your installation.

We have two types of installations, and there are many factors that decide which one you will need. Usually the type of installation needed cannot be determined until the Technician is at your home, and it simply depends on the equipment needed to provide you with the highest quality signal. Most homes qualify for our Basic Installation, which is a one-time non-refundable fee of $150.00. Some homes require a Complex installation, which means that more specialized equipment is needed – such as a tripod for additional height or a stronger radio, for example. The Complex installation is a one-time non-refundable fee , and will depend on the situation. Our Sales Staff will be able to give you a rough idea as to which type of installation you might need at your location, but the Installation Technician will tell you for sure once he has had a chance to assess the signal quality from your location and determine what equipment is necessary for an optimal signal. See our pricing page for more details.

  • New Surge Protector - We recommend that you purchase a new surge protector of at least 2,000 joules for the radio equipment to plug into.
  • Wireless Router - NetsUSA can provide a router and setup at our listed price. Please note that router set up is not included in our installation if you provide your own, but the technician can provide this service to you separately for a fee. Ask a staff member for the brands and types of routers we recommend.
  • Routers and surge protectors can be purchased from your local retail store (such as Wal-Mart or Target), or often at your local home improvement store (such as Home Depot or Lowes).

Other Notes

  • Please put your dogs away.
  • Please make sure to open any necessary gates.
  • Please communicate with our Installation Technician, if you have any requests or questions feel free to ask. Our Installation Technicians are very friendly and helpful and will do their best to accommodate your needs and requests when possible.

Will the Technician make my WiFi work with my iPad/Android/Kindle?

Our installation provides you with the Internet via an Ethernet cable, which will plug into your wireless router. Our Technician can set up any of your devices for you –- such as a Kindle, Xbox, laptop, or iPad -- for an additional fee of $65 per hour. Many people choose to buy Linksys routers, which come with easy 1-2-3 instructions on how to set it up.

We install a small round dish (smaller than most TV dishes) with a small metal pole mount onto the roof or eave of your home. Exposed wooden eaves are extremely helpful to mount the equipment on to. We are not able to mount our equipment on to pre-existing mounts or poles, as we cannot guarantee the integrity of any equipment but our own.

The installation takes about 1 - 3 hours to complete, depending on the difficulty of the installation.

Yes, we require that the person who will be the owner of the account to be present for the entire installation. The Technician provides our Terms of Service to the account owner, and the document needs to be signed by the account owner at the time of installation. Our Technician will not be able to do an On-Site Evaluation or installation at a location where no one is present, and we cannot, under any circumstances, do an installation without an adult present.